Holiday-time support for kids with eating disorders

For a child or teen with an eating disorder, the holidays can bring mixed feelings. CHOC psychologists offer ways for parents to help.

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Is my teen OK? Helping parents identify anxiety and depression in their adolescents

A CHOC licensed marriage and family therapist explains the differences between normal teen behavior and symptoms of anxiety and depression.

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Contact sports and kids: What parents should know

A CHOC pediatrician and sports medicine physician offers ways that parents can ensure their children’s safety during contact sports.

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Influenza vs. COVID-19: A pediatrician explains the similarities and differences

A CHOC pediatric expert explains the similarities and differences in symptoms of flu and COVID-19, and how to protect your child from both.

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Eating our fruits and vegetables: It’s a family affair

A CHOC dietician offers tips for parents to encourage their kids to eat the fruit and vegetables they need for a healthy diet.

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Kids and the fear of needles: What parents should know

A CHOC pediatric psychologist offers tools to parents to help kids cope with their fear of needles and prioritize their health.

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