Meet Our Pediatric Providers

Our doctors and nurse practitioners specialize in caring for children.

Our Doctors

Reshmi Basu, MD

Reshmi Basu, MD

“I am a native Southern Californian and I chose pediatrics because of the great energy and resilience of children. They are always an inspiration to me and continue to motivate me every day.”

Dawn L. Bruner, MD

“The philosophy of our medical practice is guided by the family. We are focused on caring for babies, children, teens, and young adults. Each of our physicians are invested in family education and helping parents make the best choices for their children.”

Michael W. Cater, MD

“For me, medicine is a calling. Being a pediatrician allows me to participate in the lives of children by nurturing their physical health as well as their psychological and spiritual well-being. Guiding children along their path of life is my ultimate goal.”

Angela Dangvu, MD

“As the mother of two boys, I understand the many blessings and difficult choices that come with being a parent. I use my experience as a pediatrician and a mom to help guide families in the care of their children.”

Norah Gutrecht, MD

“Being a pediatrician in the same community for so long has allowed me the privilege of taking care of the babies of parents that I took care of as babies. My work allows me to continue to thrive personally and give back to my community. After all this time, I still love caring for children and adolescents.”

Daniel Mackey, MD

“My role as a pediatrician is to assist parents in raising their children, and to educate them about the best treatment options for health, illness, and child safety. I enjoy my profession and absolutely love interacting with the children. It is a privilege to be a part of my patients’ lives and to watch them grow and develop into young adults.”

Carlos A. Martinez, MD

“As a pediatrician I am privileged to act as a guide and partner in the care of what is most precious to you – your kids. My goal is to help all children realize their full potential through evidence-based, preventive and problem-based care. I am grateful for the opportunity to care for your children, in the same way I would expect someone to care for my three amazing kiddos.”

Marisa N. Turner, MD

“I enjoy the energy and enthusiasm of children. I consider myself fortunate to be involved in the growth and development of the children that I see. I feel that my role as a pediatrician is to work together with parents through the child’s developing years; the most important years of their lives.”

Priya Mody, MD

“Ever since I volunteered at a pediatric office in Middle School, I knew that being a pediatrician was my calling in life. I love coming to a job every day in where I am surrounded by the happy smiles and curious minds of children. There is nothing more rewarding than having parents allow me to play a part in their children’s lives as they thrive and grow into adulthood.”